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EZ BOX Wins National Award


The first tenant of the Pine Innovation Center, EZ BOX Electrical Systems Solutions, LLC is creating a buzz throughout the electrical industry. CEO Glenn Liubakka, along with his two sons, Marcus Liubakka and Tanner Liubakka, have been working in the Pine Innovation Center since January, 2016, laying the foundation for a successful and sustainable manufacturing business.

The Pine Innovation Center was built for young businesses that are part of an incubator program, which is a joint venture between Pine Technical & Community College and the Pine City Board of Economic Development.

“We are very fortunate to be a part of the incubator program. We would not be on the verge of production if it wasn’t for the countless connections we have made through the incubator program, and the support we’ve received from PTCC, the Board of Economic Development, and the many business owners and leaders throughout the community,” said Liubakka.

With 17 products under patent pending status, EZ BOX Electrical Systems Solutions is developing products for the electrical industry designed to save the electrical installer time, while creating additional safety for the end-user.

More specifically, EZ BOX has developed electrical switch and outlet boxes which mount without the use of nails or screws. These boxes work in tandem with other proprietary products as a system designed to increase installation efficiency, and protect electrical wire from arc fault conditions. The National Association of State Fire Marshals estimate that 50 to 75 percent of household electrical fires, in the United States are caused by arc fault conditions.

“It’s a pretty big problem looming over the electrical industry,” Glenn Liubakka said, “and industry experts have noticed a 30 percent increase in arc fault conditions over the last year.”

In October 2016, EZ BOX attended the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Convention in Boston, MA. “We were given a lot of positive feedback from professionals across the industry. Everybody was extremely receptive to our company and our new ideas,” said Liubakka.

In fact, EZ BOX was well received, as they won a “Showstopper” award. According to National Electrical Contractors Association, “the NECA Showstopper Showcase and Awards is the most prestigious recognition event in the electrical construction industry. It is designed to introduce new products and services designed to help electrical contractors do their work. A panel of independent industry experts picked 20 winners out of 184 entries.” EZ BOX’s ez guard was one of only 20 other winners.

“It was truly an honor to win a Showstopper. It definitely gave us a feeling of validation, because we know our company is heading down the right path,” Liubakka said.

The ez guard product is not much more than a plastic tube, with a protective cold-drawn steel sleeve wrapped around it. Its uniqueness is in the application. The idea is that in residential/wood-stud applications, the installer will place the ez guard in every stud hole in which a wire will pass through. This promises 360-degree wire protection from arc-fault-causing damage. Objects like drywall screws/nails, or drill bits cannot pierce or puncture the wire. It also provides ease, and protection when pulling the wire through the studs because the internal smooth, rounded edges let the wire glide through the holes rather than scraping the wire through bare stud holes which are often rough and jagged.

Liubakka commented, “The idea is to attack the problem at the root-cause. If we can eliminate the chance for wire damage by protecting it from the most common threats, we can bring a significant and tangible value to the industry.”

EZ BOX is at the brink of its first product launch for the residential market. To learn more about how their products will significantly save time, and increase safety, visit their website at ezboxess.com, and for a tutorial video, visit https://youtu.be/ADmXW-i8CUY.

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