Pine Innovation Center Concept in BW


Mission Statement

The mission of the board of the Pine Innovation Center business incubator is to support, educate and champion entrepreneurial manufacturing ventures with the goal of augmenting the region economy by establishing and maintain high technology manufacturing companies and employment in the region.

Board objectives

Pine Technical & Community College provides tenants of the light manufacturing incubator with technology transfer to provide the link between the concept and a commercially feasible product and assists manufacturers to adopt innovative manufacturing strategies and techniques. The College will also provide the place where the region workforce can be retooled and retrained to fit the demands of the new entrepreneurial ventures. The retaining will be extended to include education services providers from a larger geographic area with distance delivered instruction.

The Pine Innovation Center board has a primary objective that incubator tenant companies will graduate from the incubator to become self-sufficient companies that are able to support their costs without depending upon grants, subsidies of other forms of aid.

The Pine Innovation Center board will foster economic development on a local level through graduating companies that will provide high wage jobs, increase the local tax bases and create economic specializations.

Pine Innovation Center is a business incubator for light manufacturing or high-tech industry