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EZ Box Electrical System Solutions Joins the Pine Innovation Center

Pine Technical and Community College is pleased to introduce the first tenant of the Pine Innovation Center, EZ Box Electrical System Solutions, to the community. The family-owned business began operations in January with CEO Glenn Liubakka and Tanner Liubakka, president of sales and business development, setting the groundwork for the operation.

Liubakka’s family-owned and operated business will produce a product that Liubakka hopes will have an impact on the electrical construction industry. EZ Box will target electrical contractors with outlet, switch and light boxes that provide stud wire protectors and do not require special tools for installation. Once the company reaches full production, Liubakka estimates they will employ more than 200, and the company will stay in the area.

“One of our goals is to give back to the area,” Liubakka said. “When we graduate from the Pine Innovation Center, we will remain in the community. We also want to give local investors the opportunity to invest at the ground level.”

During the start-up phase of the operation, Liubakka and his son Tanner have been pursuing an aggressive schedule to get a prototype to market by spring. They’re also creating org charts for each phase of the business, which provides Tanner, who is currently seeking a business management degree, a unique educational experience.

“I’m learning how to start a business from the ground up,” he said. From researching and writing position descriptions for every role on the org chart to helping to build the company’s website, Tanner recognizes this first-hand experience is something he couldn’t get in a classroom.

“That’s really the unique thing about having a business incubator on a college campus,” said PTCC President Joe Mulford. “You can work in the office, and then run over to campus for a class, and Customized Training is right down the hall.” PTCC’s Continuing Education and Customized Training is housed in the Pine Innovation Center.

“EZ Box is really a good fit for the college and its programs,” said Jason Spaeth, PTCC’s dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training and executive director of the Pine Innovation Center. Liubakka is able to access expertise from the college’s IT department, as well as use plastics and manufacturing equipment and assistance from faculty and students. They can also consider student internships for accounting and business technology students.

While having education and training opportunities just around the corner and access to resources is certainly a great benefit to a new business, it’s only part of what drew Liubakka to PTCC’s business incubator.

Start-ups with business incubator support generally have an 87% success rate, according to the National Business Incubation Association. The lower rent costs, coupled with the access to professional services, helps start-up businesses survive and grow during the initial, most vulnerable stages.

“Knowing the supports were available and the reputation of the college gave me a confidence boost,” said Liubakka. “It was a tough decision – do I leave a successful career to start a new business? Just knowing there will be the support there gave me the confidence to move forward. We have a lot of experience and background, but this is a safety net.”

It’s not just a business to Liubakka – it’s a legacy he hopes to leave to his family and the community. “It’s very much a family business. I see future generations taking over and growing in this community,” he said.

For more information about EZ Box Electrical System Solutions, LLC, including investment opportunities, contact Liubakka at or online at

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